Sçççççççem título

Full Power Ascended Drumans


The Loremaster

The Explorer

Gender Male
Race(s) Undead
Level ?? (Boss)
Occupation Explorer



Location Militia Campfield
Status Active

Drulatar - Brother

Farner - Cousin

"Behold My True Power"

Concept And Creation

New Design is based on rogue tier 6 while the old was tier 9 paladin in addition of gold wings. They may ressemble hope and determination. Tehcnically, these wings are not part of the transformation proccess, wich means that Drumans may used a "feeling power" or another reference to gain these.


The Final Path

This form has seen on Unbreakable Moment 2 for the first and perhaps the last time in the entire series. This form doesn't change a lot comparing to the previous one. At this form Drumans power levels raises a lot reaching beyond Lich King's power and defeat him with a single Eviscerate. Currently is unknown if Drumans had more abilities at this form.

Theme Songs

Metal Gear Solid 3 Remix


Ultimate Eviscerate - Fly at high speed and slashes the enemy. 50% chance rate of break even the most solid material in the world.



Full Power Ascended on the Series

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